Fee agreement & tariffs

French Avocats are organized in local and national Orders and subject to strict professional and deontological rules principally governed by French law of 31 December 1971, the decree of 27 November 1991 and the decree of 12 July 2005 as modified. A service and fee agreement among an Avocat and client is now mandatory.

This service and fee agreement shall determine the field and the conditions of services to be provided by the Avocat and the conditions related to the fees payable by the client and shall reinstate (i) the confidentiality rules and obligations to which the Avocat is bound and (ii) and the client attorney privilege.

Below you can download the template that Willy is proposing and currently using to govern his relationship with his clients.

The hourly rate of Willy varies between €300 and €400 (VAT excluded) depending upon the complexity of the project. The details (description, date and time) of the services provided are available to client on a Cloud.

Since he himself has been general counsel and therefore purchaser of attorney’s services, Willy is well aware of the need for predictability and he will attempt any time this is possible, to satisfy such need by proposing a package price or a package mechanism.

However, this is not always that simple and, as it is the case for any relationship, it is good practice to discuss and agree this issue before hand. Finally, incentives and results based fees are possible, they however can only come on top of an hourly rate fee or a package.